A journey towards Business Excellence

We have recently, tied up with an Australian consulting company which enables us to offer their unique methodology and software as a ready guide to a medium sized Indian company towards a quantum jump in their business performance.

M/s Mark Rehn Business Excellence Pty. Ltd, Australia ,have a long experience in offering and executing this user friendly, online platform which takes a CEO and his team through precise steps towards being the best that the company can possibly be. This module is the result of 30+ years of experience of its originator Mark Rehn.

The key aspects that this methodology addresses with great rigor are:

  • Everyone pulling the rope in the same direction - alignment!
  • Working smarter not harder - with minimal waste
  • Getting what you measure - so measuring the right things
  • Sharing knowledge for maximum organizational benefit
  • Proactively orchestrating the above changes
Please visit www.mybusinessexcellence.com for a greater understanding of the usefulness of this approach.
We act as their "Pacemaker" in India thereby helping Indian companies in the complete implementation of this concept.



Our Mission

To support organisations in realizing their full potential drawing on the Founder's experience in successfully handling a wide range of business situations as also through continuous learning of newer techniques in the fast changing world.

Executive Coaching

During the past 20 years, we have received several inputs to enable conduct programs aimed at improving general effectiveness of Managers and Leaders. Since these inputs are received free, we offer these programs free of charge , even if no other professional engagement is planned...more >>