Supporting Start-Ups

Young enterpreaurs with great ideas and innovative business models need to give uniterrupted attention to the Market and Innovation Processes. They can do so if their organisational issues are taken care under a sound professional advice.

We offer guidance to the start-ups in ensuring a robust back-office support:

  • Systems and processes for seamless functioning of the internal supply chain management
  • Organisation structure and its development in view of fast changing market needs
  • HR Processes
    • Attrition rate monitoring and corrective actions
    • Training
      • Need identification
      • Training time table around the identified needs
      • Outsourcing, where required
  • Establishing an effective Appraisal system
  • Salary-bench marking and compensation policy
  • Providing an integrated approach cutting across all functions towards overall Company objectives 

Our Mission

To support organisations in realizing their full potential drawing on the Founder's experience in successfully handling a wide range of business situations as also through continuous learning of newer techniques in the fast changing world.

Executive Coaching

During the past 20 years, we have received several inputs to enable conduct programs aimed at improving general effectiveness of Managers and Leaders. Since these inputs are received free, we offer these programs free of charge , even if no other professional engagement is planned...more >>